500 Days of Some Streaming

Technology allows us to save everything—photos, bookmarks, online courses we will never take—contributing to digital hoarding which should slightly abate during lockdown. Don’t think I’m talking about you? Check your desktop.

Apple Digital Clutter Desktop

In its tangible counterpart, cats die in some dank part of a garage full of Christmas décor from the ’70s. The digital world, however, is virtually limitless where corners are darker, dustier, and links to cute kitten videos and nyan cat GIFs are long-forgotten. They are lost in an abyss of information we intend to access, but rarely do, at least, not at the rate at which we add to it.

I inadvertently spent two years consuming little to no digital media because life happened in 2013 and even more happened thereafter. I started working a lot and became more introspective as did those around me, including complete strangers who shared their secrets and insecurities. It helped that I was bartending and some of these folks were less-than-sober. Yes, you. =)

On January 2, 2015, I broke my unintended hiatus, and binged six seasons of Sons of Anarchy in just as many weeks. Technically eight, but I took a break for my birthday weekend (“Zelda-brate” was that year’s theme), Super Bowl XLIX, and February bday babies.

I wanted to see if I missed any fusses as my Mr. G’s (RIP Steve) peeps were all about it, but I also needed some self-care. I went back to my well, a hole in the ground when you’re thirsty, to be quenched by art, TV, movies, karaoke, not enough KBBQ, and writing; I even started dating again. Ugh.

Anyway, enter, Netflix’s “My List” where, apparently, there is a 500-title limit. Assuming each is at least 30 minutes long, that’s 250 hours of programming, or 10 straight days. Mind you, there are movies, multi-season shows, and comedy sets. It also means I tacked onto the list on roughly once every three days, more if I was a good curator, constantly adding more content as completed ones term off.

Netflix Old Logo

The way 2020 is going, the “stay home, stay safe” scenario is holding steady, so I will spend this time meandering through these titles. Realistically, I can finish by summer’s end by watching a few hours a day… in addition to content outside this platform, like the Star Wars franchise I started May 4.

Netflix, if you’re reading this and considering sponsorship, I can be loyal. 😉

Finally, some notable observations because who am I without lists? Also, whoever recommended watching 500 Days of Summer as a post-break-up movie should be ashamed of themselves. Worst. Idea. Ever.

  • Seen/caught up | 28
    • Way more before I shamefully scrubbed the list
  • Still catching up | 27
  • Food-related | 24
    • Surprised? Me, too.
  • Non-English content | 32
    • When I have time focus on only the piece, including anime I stubbornly refuse to watch dubbed
  • Added after watching A Christmas Prince | 18
    • Sparked by this infamous Netflix tweet
  • Of those, how many I would’ve added anyway because I love Christmas | 18
  • Stand-up sets | 52
    • What? I like to laugh.
  • Science, documentaries, other non-fiction | 63
    • Because science and learning and s***.
  • Recs, or added so I can relate more to others | 43
    • Because… empathy.

By the way, wishing Happy Father’s Day to all the dads here and beyond, stand-in dads (hi Mama Do), pet papas, and all those in between. And no, I didn’t forget.

  1. Don’t be a clutter bug | Harold Taylor | 2015
  2. Surprised Kitty (Original) | rozzzafly | 2009
  3. Nyan Cat Original | 2011
  4. Nyan Cat GIF | MEANS TV | 2015

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